Japan -Part 2

Public Toilet in korea or Japan? You guys notice something in this picture? I dono how to censored it =P. But hey its just a rock no big deal eh? I now apologize if i offended you or something with this picture.

Japan public toilet for OTAKU?


Heres a Japanese video about Toilet prank. Funny BUT Mean!! roflmao

Ok~ as you all can see from the 2 pictures above. Im mainly gonna talk about toilets, well not just japan toilets but the whole japan bathroom. I found the first picture somewhere in google and the captions of the picture was “toilet in japan” but the signboard outside the toilet is written in korean instead of japanese. So yea i duno whether is it in japan or korea but who cares!? LOOK AT THE PICTURE OF THE DOORS? A very very obvious sign for people not to go to the wrong toilet by mistake. =P and now the ssecond picture.. THEY SHOULD BUILD SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN THE MALL! HAHAHA lol. as if it will happen. well at least build one at my house? =/ ahaha peeing while in front of you are a few anime hot chicks. man~ what a fantasy. There are 2 kinds of toilets found in Japan or Asia. One is the squat toilet and the other one is the bidet toilet(the sitting toilet). In Japanese culture, there is a tendency to separate areas into clean and unclean, and the contact between these areas is minimized which means they keep themselves clean 24/7. They use a pair of toilet slippers in order to keep the toilet clean. As for toilet here, some people also do use toilet slippers but i don. LAZY =P. Toilets here are mainly the sitting toilet with the flush but at JAPAN! they got a name for their toilet “Washlets”. Well use your imagination of the toilet just by looking at the name. Obviously this toilet helps you to wash your anus or vulva (WTF is dis? lol), dry afterwards with warm air, flush automatically. From the post of “USB humping dog” i did mention about how creative is Japanese. Do you believe me now? Well if you don, after this theres more to come. I shall post a few pictures of toilets in Japan.


OKAY~ A TOILET WITH MP3??WTF You use a freaking SD memory card to put it in a device near the toilet and it plays music!? OKAY! JAPANESE ARE VERY VERY creative. Very very cool ideas. These ideas just makes you wanna migrate to Japan cause i am so dying to migrate there now! T_T Hope ill use my free time to learn japanese and i will be able to work there =).

Anyways. Now i shall move on to the bathroom. Obviously they also use the showers and the bathtub just like us. But theres one that we don normally use. Sitting on a chair while washing the hair. I dono the term for that. but its rather interesting. XD One of dannychoo’s post mention about one of the Japanese bathroom and he said this “this is how you can do the three S’s in Japan all within a square meter (Shit, Shave n Shower)”. Pretty true eh? HAHA =P ok heres some picture of japanese bathroom.

And now im gonna talk about most guy’s DREAMS~ JAPANESE GIRLS! OMG OMG OMG. 1 word HOT! I tink that they are born with beauty. Its like you can meet any hot ladies at every single inch of the whole japan. Even the teachers are hot! What can i say man? JAPAN FOR THE WIN! LOL. Singapore also have hot girls! =P anyways not forgetting my current IDOL! HIRANO AYA! shes 20 years old only and shes a singer and voice actress!! I worship her. =) HEHE guys out there, don lie. Im sure that you guys go to Japan just for the girls right? hehehe don worry im at your side too! MUAHAHA =P Well heres a few picture of what you call hot girls in Japan.

Danny said this ” Yes. In Japan a typical sight it is. Lie i do not.”

Even the glasses girl is hot! CUTE! T_T

HAHA. OK thats enough japanese girls, Im afraid i might nosebleed! =P Ok im gonna end this post with a very creative topic. Can you all guess what is it? I don think so. Well it is “JAPANESE BRA” LOL LOL LOL! cant guess it right? HAHAHA =P anyways like what i said after the toilet that there is more to come if you don believe that japanese are creative. Well this is it. I bet you all are thinking what the hell? how can a bra be creative? WELL this is it.

This is the article of the Chopstick Bra.Japanese bin an estimated of 25 billion wooden pairs of chopsticks a year, many of them already made from recycled wood chips, but a growing number of environmentally aware consumers want to combat this “throw away” culture. “It’s a small step, but because many Japanese chopsticks are disposable, big chunks of forests are being cut down,” said Hiromi Shinta, spokeswoman for the company. The concept bra, which comes with a pair of collapsible chopsticks, has a Japanese dining table theme — the right cup consists of a rice bowl, the left cup a miso soup bowl, and a removable chopstick-rest lies between the cups.

Now this is the article of the Warm Biz Bra.

The Warm Biz campaign kicked off in Japan last month in a bid to reduce energy consumption during the Winter. The Japanese government is requiring that offices reduce their indoor temperatures to 68 degrees F. Triumph International has unvieled a new bra, the Warm Biz Bra, to keep essential parts warm. The Warm Biz Bra can be heated up in a standard microwave, and contains a heat-retaining gel that keeps those lovely parts warm. The bras also feature a long scarf that is used to wrap around the neck for extra warmth. Helping to save the enviroment didn’t just start recently at Triumph, back in 1997, they released the “Recycle PET Bra” which was made from recycled plastic bottles. Hey, what about the private parts of men?

LOL! private parts of MEN? AHAHAHAHA! Anyways i hope you all enjoy reading this post. Do drop some tags. Part 3 is coming soon as in tomoro? =P


3 Responses to “Japan -Part 2”

  1. 1 Jess Smith January 2, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    first picture is korean you stupid tool

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