Japan -Part 3

Ok. When we all go on a holiday trip to somewhere else, surely we gotta try the food there eh? I mean like its always the same food here so surely we gotta try the outside food. XD well Part 3 is about Japanese cuisine. JANE! i hope you enjoy reading this post =P. Whenever you heard the word “Japan” surely the 1st food that comes to your mind is sushi. People! there are actually more than meets the eye. WTF? i bet you all are thinking that im not the one who wrote this blog, actually i am. Anyways back to the topic. In Japan, there are a many different kinds of foods and restaurants. Pls to the people who goes there, don just keep eating sushi 24/7. You might get sick of it. =P. Ill start with basics Japanese meal. The Bento, Bento are Japanese boxed meals. Bento usually consist of steamed rice and side dishes. They are colorfully arranged in various containers. They are usually home made food brought out to eat. XD Heres a few picture of bentos.

And there you go. Colourful eh? too bad im not hungry now. haha =P ok now surely you all have heard about their ramen eh? Wiki says “Almost every locality or prefecture in Japan has its own variation of ramen, from the tonkotsu ramen of Kyūshū to the miso ramen of Hokkaidō.” Awesome! hahaha. There are even instant ramens nowadays. Save your time and keeps you full.

Now thats ramen!

Ah! i almost forget about their home-made Onigiri! Got this from WIKI! Onigiri (御握り; おにぎり), also known as Omusubi (おむすび), is a snack of Japanese rice formed into triangle or oval shapes and wrapped in nori ( edible seaweed). Traditionally, the onigiri is filled with pickled ume fruit (umeboshi), salted salmon, katsuobushi, or any other salty or sour ingredient. In practice, pickled filling is used for preservation of the rice. Since the onigiri is one of the most famed and popular snacks in Japan, most convenience stores in Japan stock onigiri in many popular fillings and tastes. Specialized shops, called Onigiri-ya, offer handmade rice balls for take out.


Many shops in japan have these plastic renditions in the window which you can just point to which is actually good. Not only that the menus at japan are full of photos to help you decide which to pick for your meal. You see, with pictures you get to choose stuff you wan and stuff you don wan. This is what i meant by choosing stuff you wan and stuff you don wan. A post by danny choo =D. Then ill show you a few picture of japanese menus from danny choo’s blog.

Danny said “Pictures help prevent you from choosing stuff like this.
I would have freaked out if I chose this by accident a few years ago but I love it now – raw fish eggs with half a raw egg on rice + wasabi!”

See what i meant about menus with pictures? Hehe I mean at here, they show you menus but you cant see how it looks like! I know all of you are like me, i bet you all usually order your meal by looking at the appearance of it. hehe don lie =P. Anyways at Japan, they don drink beer like us, they drink sake. The definition of Sake from WIKI again! Sake (Japanese: 酒)is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice. Sake is also commonly referred to in English as “rice wine“, but the characterisation implied is not accurate. Wine is made from the single fermentation of plant juices. Sake is produced by multiple fermentation of rice, which is more similar to how beer is produced. Gotta try how it taste like when im 18 =D Heres a picture of Sake barrels.

OK! Now lastly the most convenient and yummy food of all but not healthy =/. FastFood! In japan, the people are always busy. Work work everyday for more and more creative ideas! hehehe so yea they don have much time for lunch break to go to some luxury restaurants order wine and slowly enjoy! Thats where fastfood comes out! Its fast and makes you full! Well not just the working adults, teenagers and kids also enjoyed the fastfoods. =) Ok ill talk about 2 well known Fastfood only “Mcdonalds and KFC”. Ill start with mcdonalds 1st since i prefer that.

Japan’s Mcdonald Ad!?? WTF!? Ronald Mcdonalds daughter!? HAHA hot!

Ok you all saw the Ad! its just a 14 seconds video. Even idols or models are advertising for japan. Can you believe that? sweet~ hahaha Ok anyways theres 1 post from danny choo’s blog mentioning about Mcdonalds in japan. Here is it. Not only is McDonanlds Japan a place for great fast food and viruses, Its also a great place to take a nap when you are plastered from a late nights work. There are always people sleeping in McDonalds over here. Apart from people sleeping, you will also find students studying with text books and stationary all over the gaff. Another interesting thing about McDonalds is that when you walk in, you will often see somebodys bag just left on a seat or a table – it’s the owners way of saying “this is my seat – don’t even think about it.” They walk in, leave their bag where they want to sit and then go to order their food. The interesting thing is that if they tried this back in my home town Hackney London, they will come back to find the contents of their bag all over the table or just plain gone!
LOL! ahahaha WHAT? you leave your bags just to save the seat? Oh man i wouldnt dare to do that. Sleeping in mcdonalds..lol ahaha the 2nd picture you see the guy resting. He looks like hes enjoying it! T_T look at that sofa! and its in mcdonalds! T_T Sweet.. OKOK im gonna finish this mcdonald topic with 1 last thing! ZHEN! HOPE YOU LIKE IT! The difference between Japan and HK? Huh?

The last time i saw these 2 picture was the difference between japan and singapore. ONCE AGAIN! im sorry if i offended any1. Im not trying to say that girls in japan are hotter than singapore. This is just a picture that i found while googling. Hope it won offend you. As a matter of fact. Im a singapore myself and i love my country! and obviously the girls there are hot! I swear =/ pls don get offended.

Basically thats what i know about Mcdonalds in japan. Now its KFC, din find much information about them though. Well the picture of one of the chicken serve in KFC in japan might be enough to explain it all. One picture means a thousand words. hahaha

SEE WHAT I MEAN!? LOOKS DAMN DELICIOUS! I try one of Singapore’s KFC before and i think the name was Miso chicken? i dono its seaweed with fried chicken and it rocks. =P

Ok~ thats basically much about part 3 of japan. Well there are much much more food found in japan but you don expect me to post everything in here right? =P ahaha you guys can search about it in wikipedia. =) I hope that the posts in my blog are doing well and hope it din offended any of the readers. Enjoy ok? hahaha. yea. part 3 is about food. I tink part 4 will be the last one of japan. I think la cause for now i only got 1 idea in my mind. Well anyways continue reading and ill be updating DAILY! woah haha a long post today! =D ok ill end this post with a few pictures of food eaten by Danny choo. =P

Popular Korean Dish Yukke Jang (ユッケジャン)。Very hot n spicy. About 800 yen.
Set of Tenpura (天ぷら) and udon at Tenya. About 600 yen.
The Om Rice with a croquette (コロッケ) and sauce. Tastes lovely. About 600 yen.
Yakiniku set at about 980 yen.
Example of Chinese food in Japan. Ebichiri (エビチリ) lunch at about 1000 yen. Spicy prawns with rice.
Japanese curry. This can be eaten at Akihabara at a cost of 800 yen.

Danny’s Wifey Home made food.
Muffin and fried rice? haha he loves his wife.

Inside this ball of ice are two pieces of Sashimi (raw fish). About 2000 yen.
OMG looks sweet XD but i dono how to eat sashimi =/ must learn to eat. =P

Enjoy People. Hope you are looking foward to more posts =)


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