Japan -Part 4

Ok. now its part 4 of japan. GAH! I LOVE JAPAN. XD Hope you guys enjoyed the first 3 parts. Well now im gonna talk about Housing in Japan. Here we go. Basically most people in the world now either live in apartments or houses and me myself is living in a double storey house. lol im sure that everyone in Japan have a basic manner before entering any house. From what i have read, when entering a Japanese house, you should take off your shoes at the entrance(genkan) and change into slippers which are usually provided by the host. 24/7 Clean eh? XD anyways heres a definition of Housing in japan by Wiki. Housing in Japan includes modern and traditional styles. Two patterns of residences are predominant in contemporary Japan: the single-family detached house and the multiple-unit building, either owned by an individual or corporation and rented as apartments to tenants, or owned by occupants as condominiums. A few pictures of the houses there.

A 2 storey apartment usually own by a landlord by renting the rooms to public.Inside.
Typical Japanese house in the suburds.

Hmm one of the houses i wanna talk about is the Shofuso which is also known as Pine Breeze Villa, is a traditional Shoin-zukuri Japanese house with a teahouse and a Japanese garden. The Japanese House was designed by Yoshimura Junzoo, built in 1953 in Nagoya, and presented by the America-Japan Society of Tokyo to the Museum of Modern Art New York for exhibition in 1954-55. Theres more to it but i thinks its enuff. Well i think that the house is a perfect house. Why? because once you slide the door open, you see a garden in front of you? Aint that nice? you might think you are still in fantasy world. aahahaha heres a few picture of how a Shofuso look like.

We all have beds in our room, let it be single, queen or king size bed. Here in Brunei, most family are able to afford houses with plenty of space since its free of tax but in Japan space in the houses is not much cause of the high standard of living in japan and the taxes which causes the rent to be high for those normal families. Well theres still some people who are able to afford big houses in Japan. Anyways back to the topic, since space is not much in the house. You don expect them to buy big beds eh? instead of big beds, they use Futon. From Wiki. A futon (布団) is a type of mattress that makes up a Japanese bed. They are sold in Japan at specialty stores called futon-ya as well as at department stores. Japanese futons are flat, about 5 cm (2 in) thick with a fabric exterior stuffed with cotton or synthetic batting. They are often sold in sets which include the futon mattress (shikibuton), a comforter (kakebuton) or blanket (mōfu), a summer blanket resembling a large towel, and pillow (makura), generally filled with beans, buckwheat chaff or plastic beads. Such sets can be purchased for under 10,000 yen (US$90 as of 2005). Futons are designed to be placed on tatami flooring, and are traditionally folded away and stored in a closet during the day to allow the tatami to breathe and to allow for flexibility in the use of the room. Futons must be aired in sunlight regularly, especially if not put away during the day. In addition, many Japanese people beat their futons regularly using a special tool, traditionally made from bamboo, resembling a Western carpet beater.

Omg. a pretty long definition eh? XD i wanna try sleeping in it! =/ looks comfortable. Anyways they don just put their futon into the washing machine or bring for dry cleaning. This is from one of danny’s post and i did not type it, just to let you folks know that its by danny choo and not by me =P. A sight that you wont normally see on your trip to Japan unless you do more exploring in areas where the locals live – as opposed to the hotel, shopping and tourist districts.
Like most folks in Japan, this household has hung their futon out to bask in the sun. For those who dont know what a futon is, the best description I can give it is “Japanese Mattress” ^^;
The futon is usually hung over a balcony to absorb the suns rays for many reasons – killing of fleas, maintaining original shape, getting rid of sweaty smells or to dry any other liquids/solids discharged from your body. When the sun has gone in, the futon is usually beaten with what looks like a flat bat – you can see the woman in the video below about to beat the futon to get rid of the dust. The announcer says its bad for the futon though ^^.

How to maintain a Futon? Its in japanese. XD

DUDE! CHECK THAT OUT! You can actually sleep using your futon and store stuffs in the closet! I THINK! HAHA cool. sleeping in a closet. Anyways! I tink that there are more apartments than houses in japan. So yea. basically more people live in apartments. Hmmm im gonna explain the inside of a simple Japanese apartment. Apartments usually cost from 50,000yen and going up. Once you open the door, you will see your room and a toilet right next to you after you open the door. The kitchen is right before the place where you sleep. Surely you all wouldnt want your room to be full of food smell while cooking right? haha theres usually another door between your room and the kitchen. And yea the toilet is like what i posted in the japan -part2 by danny. The one which you uses the 3’s shit,shave,shower. Then the place where you have your dinner, watch your tv, sleep and play your computer or ps2 xbox360 or whatever. Usually the apartments rent out will be provided with a kotatsu table. A kotatsu table is a short legged square or rectangular table with a futon pinched between the tabletop and the frame. It drapes down over your legs when you sit under it, forming a tent for your lower body. The best part is there is a heater built into the frame under the table to keep you toasty warm in cold winter months. They also do provide you with futon. Hmmm and lastly you can say that all apartments usually have balconies used for hanging laundry or storing stuff? Each is sectioned off for privacy. ANYWAYS! i finished explaining the inside of a simple japanese apartment. ACTUALLY! i explain it from an anime. I watched an anime called “Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien” and the guy lives in a simple apartment so i bascially remember how it looks like and YEA! i took the whole idea from that anime and its originally typed by me! =P AND ill end this post with a few pictures of “housing in japan” by using google XD.

Just a picture of the busy Japan.

And yea. Im done. ahahaha. Do enjoy reading and i hope that any of my posts didnt offended any of you all. If i did, im sorry. Well more of japan is yet to come. =P got a lot of crazy ideas in my mind now. Stay tune? LOL =D Arigato and enjoy reading. Sayonara!



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