Japan -Part 5

Vending Machines eh? OK as you all can see the 1st picture is a vending machine which sells lots of cigarettes. Very convenient eh? Plenty of choices for you and you can get them anywhere in a second. =D Well im gonna talk about vending machines in Japan today. Well in Japan, you can say every neighbourhood, there will surely be some vending machines near. You all must be thinking why am i talking about vending machines and its not like i never seen one. Actually i have a reason for talking about this topic. Im not saying that theres no vending machines in Brunei. There are some! But what? theres only vending machines that sells drinks and snack bars only!? And there arent much vending machine here either so you cant find them everywhere! =( Well the reason why im talking about this topic is because in Japan, Vending machines sell a lot more stuffs rather than snack bars or drinks. Hmmm Example! Check dis picture out.

They sell alcohol in a vending machine!!! T_T Aint that convenient, whenever you feel stress out or your party is out of beers. You just need to do a 5min walk to get yourself another supply! Hahaha thats just sweet. Plus they don sell alcohol only, they also do sell a wide variety of drinks which are sold in supermarkets. People there don have to worry about getting thirsty while they are outside. Well im not recommending BRUNEI to build some alcohol vending machines! I might get a free ticket to jail instead of getting myself a drink. All im saying is that you won get thirsty that easy in Japan. Ok heres a picture of other vending machines selling other drinks.

Many choices eh? XD ANYWAYS! Im pretty sure you guys won guess what kind of vending machines im gonna talk about. HEHE GUESS GUESS! HAHA watever =P anyways its a vending machine selling “used” schoolgirl panties. YOU CAN MOVE YOUR MOVE TO THE RIGHT TOP OF YOUR SCREEN AND CLICK THE X BUTTON IF YOU ARE UNDER AGE! WTF? HAHAHA. Most likely its for those perverts out there. uh*hum im not saying names out. ZHEN! HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? AHAHAHAHA. Well im pretty much a pervert myself but not that teruk la. ah de de. hahaha Ok Vending Machines that sell porno stuffs. Cool. T_T ITS REALLY A MUST TO GO JAPAN! =P SORRY TO THE GIRLS AH! hahaha i really must post that picture cuz im very sakai and its truly bizarre! =P. Ok heres the picture of the vending machine selling panties. It used to be a vending machine that sells cigarettes though. =D


HAHA. OK thats enough laugh! =P Now moving on to the other vending machines. Every1 surely will get hungry if they don sleep in the middle of the night and they are some who are lazy to cook and so yea. They go out to buy food but some are lazy to go out! so theres the vending machine that sells food! JANE don worry if you hungry in japan, tai pa food for you to choose. =P There is no sitting area, no waitress, no menu and the only thing you see is their food in vending machines. They serve everything from cheese burgers to terriyaki chicken. Not just that, they even sell frozen food! Choose the food you want and wait a few minutes. DING! the machine rings! and your hot food which is frozen a few minutes ago is ready to be eaten. A very unique and creative idea which attracts a lot of attention. Too bad im not hungry now, just finished dinner. ahahah =P Here are the pictures.
Ok done with the food. Makes me wanna puke since im damn full now. Lets move to something much more realistic now. Hmm we as human beings have emotions and feelings! And those vending machines are just.. erm machines! yea thats the word! hahaha Well we all get bored looking at the same old vending machines! We wan a human vending machine! wtf? that aint such thing. HAHAHA well what about a human in a vending machine! Thats ok with me. We choose the stuffs we want and the person inside gives us. Thats pretty fine with me but! What if its a hot japanese lady inside! WOOO~ not only you get your stuffs! you oso get a sight of a hot lady and a free smile from her! T_T Ideas in Japan are getting better every second! ahahaha Zhen this might get you interested too =P

Ok~ now im just gonna go slow~ haha. normal vending machines. You know when you were young you would always go to your parents and ask ” dadi/mami, can i have a dollar coin pls?” What for? TO GET THOSE MINI TOYS IN THE VENDING MACHINES! LOL HAHA! I was like that! always trying to get the toy that i wan but didnt get it in the end. =( pretty sad eh? Now when i think of it, its actually quite fun, using your luck to get the chosen toy that you wan inside the vending machines but wasting! Im sure i spend a lot on those machines when i was a kid! =(! Well you can still find these vending machines at this time, just not that much only because not many kids wanna play those already when theres internet. I tell you ah, don underestimate kid ah! 6year old oredi play maple o.0. You gotta trust me on that. Well for those book readers out there, you don really have to walk all the way to the book shop finding the book you wan. All you have to do is get to the vending machine, choose ur book, put the money in and kapoof* you can read your newly book. Pretty cool eh? Well not just normal books, Im sure theres even magazines and mangas or adult magazines? o.0 Anyways pictures of the mini toy and book vending machines.

Damn! look at the amount of toy vending machines!

Hahaha, quite a few interesting pictures above. Well lastly! something for those modern people! I would say shaneel and sebastian (my friends! =D) This might get your interest! Hehehe cant really guess eh? Ok so heres the picture.!! WTF! YOU SELL FREAKING IPODS IN A VENDING MACHINE!!!? OMG MAN! I DON EVEN HAVE ONE AND URE SELLING IT IN A VENDING MACHINE! HAHAHA! OK This is just totally sweet. To be able to buy ipods in a vending machine is just so cool. so neel and seb. Wanna get 1 for yourself? HAHA =P And DO NOT WORRY GUYS. Don think that after putting the money in and press ok. The vending machine are not like those normal coke vending machines which will just let the ipod fall all the way to the bottom for you to get. You guys might end up saying “WTF! I HAVEN TOUCH MY IPOD AND YOU DAMN MACHINE FREAKING DROP AND SCRATCH IT!??” HAHAHA Don worry! Im sure they will have a more pleasant way to give the ipods out like a robotic hand grabbing the ipod that you choose. Hehehe. im kinda enjoy myself writing this post. =P Well you can say that vending machines in japan sells all kinds of stuffs. There are a lot more other vending machines but surely you don wan me to slowly talk about them eh? It will be a freaking long post. =P Hahaha I guess ill do it as usual by ending the post with many pictures of vending machines. So Hope you guys enjoy part 4. More is yet to come. =P

No such thing as a torch light with no batteries =PFor those who don notice, its a vending machine selling adult DVD. pretty secure eh?

Those are toilet papers. Don have to worry about anything when nature calls.

Jane. Be happy =)

Going for lunch with a boss of a big company without your business card?

Those are eggs. Protein is good for your body!

8 brands of different rice. o.0


A Rice Cleanser for farmers.

Afraid of running out of battery while talking on the phone with a special customer?

Unique Vending Machines

Hungry or Lazy to wait for the queue? Get tickets from outside.

Print your photos in a few minutes!

Forgot about Gifts for your date?

You can conveniently purchase flight/travel insurance near your boarding gate in Tokyo.

SAFETY COMES 1sts! HAHA guess what is it selling?

Hello Kitty selling popcorns.

Betting in Horse Racing

Always updated with the latest news in the morning. Guess what is it?

Don have to worry about getting sick or wet in a rainy day.

These pictures of vending machines with the name photomann.com inside them are from a website full of Stunning Travel Photography from Around the World. Thanks for the photos! =D
For more info of the site. Check it out at http://www.photomann.com


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  1. 1 dice January 27, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Ooh I have the same shot of the mini toy machines. I call it the gatcha machines~ LOL. It should be at Yodabashi!

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