Japan -Part 7

Ok! I wanna say that today my tag box is kinda crazy. Error all the time which i dono why and i ended up making another new tag box! T_T so yea i apologize to others for this incovenience! MUAHAHA Part 7 is here already! OK u guys know what is that thing inside the picture? Ill tell you guys what is it, its a newly high tech machine which you go in and you can do anything you wan, as in like you fantasize urself with britney spears and it will happen! you fantasize yourself eating instant mee, it will also happen! You fantasize anything and it will happen! ANYTHING! EVEN making love with someone and it will happen.. HAHAHAHAHAHA OK THATS TOTALLY BULLSHIT! WHOEVER BELIEVES IT. ROFLMAO! HAHA =P So anyways it aint no fantasizing machine, its rather a playing machine. Its a gundam pod in Japan, which is freaking coool. You get inside of it just like the pilots in the anime and you freaking control your gundam inside! of cuz its just a game but you are actually inside a pod playing. Fantasy world~

Freaking cool eh? Heres the picture of inside the pod. T_T! I WANNA PLAY! LET IT BE $5 FOR A ROUND I DON CARE! T_T so cool… Well basically you all can tell im gonna talk about arcades in Japan. I know theres a few in Brunei but theres like thousands there? o.0 Can you imagine that? XD You all should know what is an arcade. Its a place full of stimulation machines which you pay to play. Well obviously its totally wasting your money but some games are worth to play. Although i always play in the arcade though. HEHEHE =P So anyways this time theres no definition from Wiki since theres nothing to be explain. You put in the $ and you play. Thats all. ahaha =P

So anyways this is a picture of arcades in Japan. Tata~ Pretty big eh? T_T Well i tink the japanese are the 1st one who came up with the idea of arcades since many machines in the arcades are brands from Japan. So yea thats what im thinking only. =D Ok ill start off with one famous arcade game. Initial D, i gotta admit last time i was a freak of that game, every single freaking day spending more den $10 playing that game. I REGRETED! T_T MY MONEY!! Anyways it was stage 3 back then and now stage 4 have been released and i played it in KL before, all i can say is the graphics are great. The space of the machine is big, sound quality great EVERYTHING IS GREAT! just one last thing missing. One last thing T_T They don have this!!!!!! The picture below

hahaha. i bet you all are thinking now. WTF its just cars from initial D. whats so special aboout them? RIGHT RIGHT? i bet you all are thinking like that. Well this is the thing that they are missing =P

THIS THIS! WTF YOU DRIVE IN THE CARS TO PLAY!??? WTF WTF WTF. I WANNA DRIVE IN THAT TOO! MAN can you believe it? you drive in those cars to play. T_T Ill just let the remaining pictures do the talking. =/ Pictures are from Akihabara News. For more info you guys can check out at his site. Akihabara News

Ok~ so basically im done with Initial D. Hmm what else is there to talk about? =/ Well In Japan there are arcades for adults also which also means that the machines inside are. you know what i mean. XD And There are some games which you can get prizes after you win but chances are low to win but theres still prizes. Anyways The prizes there are totally totally insane. You pay for it and whos know you got lucky and you get your prize. Totally worth it for me! T_T you wanna know why? cause the prizes are.

THEY PUT FREAKING ANIME FIGURES AS PRIZES!??? FIGURES WHICH IM SAVING MY DAMN $ TO GET THEM!?? T_T OH LORD! BRING ME TO JAPAN THIS HOLIDAY T_T Sigh. i wanna get some anime figures. =/ So get what i mean now? Thats why i say its worth to play it. Anyways in Japans, believe me or not. One whole building full of arcades T_T thats just so cool. But im sure that some japanese are bored of arcades already but i aint yet. So yea anyways im kinda out of ideas of what to write about japanese arcades. Well i guess the pictures will do the rest of the talking again? ahahaha =P So guys or girls, this is the end of part 7 and im not really prepared for part 8 yet plus tmr and the day after tmr, ill be pretty busy so i guesss i won be able to write until this monday? XD so Check the blog at this coming monday eh? Sorry guys, i need a day off too or maybe 2 days off. HEHE =P Well heres plenty of pictures of arcades in Japan and im gonna add in captions for the pictures too . So seeya and stay tune =D.

Outside of Some ArcadesGambling in Arcade? o.0


Video Dealer for Blackjack eh? coolAH! see what i mean by the prizes? woah the girl look cute from behind

DJ ARCADE! o.. its out of service. Too bad. DJ needs some time off too =P

Doggy Game? Hmm how you play it? i dono, the fastest typer wins? HAHA!


Sir Yes Sir! Fire in the hole! Take cover Take cover!!

Lets take some photos together. =P

Im a drummer!

AH cute! =D

WTF!? SEE WHAT I MEAN BY THE PRIZES! TOTALLY WORTH IT! Guess the prizes inside =P. its pretty obvious

Behold, they used to call me the “golden hand”

For those boring people eh? Its quite fun once in a while =P check out the background.
Roar~ sexy!

Inside the arcade

Brunei just recently got this game! Mario Kart!


Any1 wanna play with her!??? I DON MIND PLAYING =P

Test Your Strength! muahahaa

Konata-Chan (one of my favourite anime girl character) played this before!!

Gotta catch them all! pokemon!

Untitled. HAHAHA brings back memories eh?


Hope you enjoyed =D Stay tune! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!


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