Today 3/12

Thats a picture of me and my mom taken in KL hotel. Billy’s birthday was insane and fun at the same time. 9 more days till his actual birthday =). Tan is coming back on the 9th! Hmm Im thinking that if im gonna continue part 8, others might get bored so yea ill end till part 7 only but i will still post randomly about Japan. Ben suggested that its better to end at part 7 and talk about my daily life. I answered him back saying “You wan me to tell every1 that today i watch liverpool vs bolton and the score was 4 – 0? hahaha you should see his reaction. Shuffle dances? haha theres this group in Brunei call “xiaokia” some of them are now dancing shuffle. Its a pretty cool dance and i watched videos of them a.k.a Hzr(hardstyle revolution) and it was pretty good. You can search them up in youtube by typing Hzr. No offence but from my own opinion, i think the songs used in shuffle dance are much more way better than normal trance or techno. Heres a video of a group called “7 sparks” (a very unique name from my point of view) from malaysia. The dance took place at 9th June 2007 at berjaya times square. Pretty old video cuz im outdated but i tink its still cool. Their moves and formations aare just crazy. People who view this post really should watch it, im sure you all won regret it. While watching the videos, listen carefully to the song used and you will know why i think the songs in shuffle dance are better than techno. The formation and the song used at 1:34 is crazy.

Anyways today is another boring day like other days, my brother is coming back on the 20th. woohoo~ lol so ppl out there, plans for holiday? Im still thinking about getting the job my mom offered me about being a waiter in dynasty or emperor’s court as a part timer. Hmmm i kinda wanna do the job but the problem is my hand. Well this is me, when it comes to doing things very careful, my hands will shake on its own. XD ahaaha so yea thats the problem, surely i don wanna break stuffs on the 1st day of my job. Well im still considering the answer. I was bored today so yea i took a few pictures of my room. Hehehe You can say that im pretty random today. The camera used was my dad’s K800, don blame me for using for a 3.2 mp camera hahaha its just that i cant find my mom’s camera. =D

Those 2 posters are always the 1st thing that i see when i wake up. Bleach and FF advent Children. And that picture for me, i still remember that it was drew by a nice old man when i was in hongkong while i was still a kid. Haha small body with a big head and i dono how to play tennis.

Some of my figures and collection.Lights On

Lights Off

A Closer view to my current desktop.

And thats today. =)


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