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Today is just another day. Currently rotting at home.😄 Still thinking about that job =S Hmm what to talk about today? Well i watched a replay of MU vs Fulham, the score was 2 – 0 both scored by C.Ronaldo, woot MU ftw. Had a good afternoon nap just now and i ate a lot of chocolates after dinner. Im gonna watch some GTO later. Argh Sec 5 is coming soon, gotta study very hard. So anyways today im gonna post some random pictures which are pretty hilarious and some are kinda weird lol. The pictures are taken from HF(Hongfire). Im pretty sure you all know the 1st picture. Homer from the simpsons movie. That part was really hilarious when he went so long suckers pointing out his middle fingers but got stuck in the hole. hahahaa

4 years ago


HAHAHA! okok thats a taken picture 4 years ago, ben send it to me just recently. We both think that it was a pricless expression or a priceless picture? lol anyways that picture was taken in OGDC during our class trip 1B and i was monitor. I aint lying! haha i was a monitor during form 1 =P. And yea in that picture, i was touching this ball which passes current whoever touches it and i still remember my hair was standing.😄 You can see boon and jasmine in the back! haha Memories eh? lol and the picture “Today” was taken inside the cable while on the way down to the bus station from genting by my mom. It was pretty windy and im afraid of cold so yea im wearing my mom’s scarf. Big difference in 4 years eh? haha That freaky smile. lol Thankyou ben for the picture. =) Anyways Heres the random pictures that i was talking about just now. Firstly ill start off with the birth of a candybar.



Pretty Cool eh!? roflmao chocolates.. Arent they tempting? You guys gotta read the whole thing. freaking lmao..LOL! Hahaha, one of the HF’s members suggested that venom should circle “one”.
Get what i meant?

That guy is gonna have a tough time choosing his weapon.


Damn! T_T im so full now. What a dessert

Anime version of southpark! hahaha

LOL LOL! Jesus Christ. Once a hero, always a hero!

That is so true.

Cat becoming HERO or VILLAIN?




New Movie Tekken! JK! LOL ahaha some guy go took the time and do all these matching pictures with the tekken characters. Gotta say its nicely done. =D
Credits to the guy who edited this picture.

Ok im done, Had a good laugh or not?
The End!

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  1. 1 stacy May 26, 2010 at 1:30 am

    great Post

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