Hirano Aya

Hirano aya is a beautiful 20year old girl seiyu (Voice Actress) who got popular ever since the release of the anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and continue in NANA, Death Note and Lucky Star. Since then she became popular and started singing. I must say that she change a lot ever since 2006. Her cute voice change and she became much more mature. In general, she became hot from cute. Well i tink shes still hot and cute =D. However im still a big fan. Heres a video of her being interview during 2006 when she was still cute. Notice her voice change at 2:18!! o.0 godly!! MAN WTF HER VOICE!! SHE IS SO CUTE! MOE MOE I worship her!

Her latest single “MonStAR” have just been released. Of all her 3 singles “MonStAR, NEOPHILIA and Love★Gun” Tough choice to choose which 1 is good =S. Well all 3 singles are good.

1. MonStAR
2. Love Song
3. MonStAR [off vocal]
4. Love Song [off vocal]

Heres the full pv of MonStAR. Don really get it though. HOT! whats with the fat guy? o.0


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