Chihara Minori’s 4th Single – Melty Tale Storage


As mention above, looks like Chihara Minori is releasing a new single.

Here is the official site link, theres a short clip of the PV “Melty Tale Storage”. The picture above already shows that its release date will be on the 26th of March 2008. Been listening to it for a few times already, a good song i must say. Like what i have mentioned in one of my previous post, her voice + techno + violin = WIN! As for the full version of the song, according to her blog, it can be heard through Minorhythm. The full song can be heard through the online radio version dated 27 February which is already over? =S


1. Melty tale storage
2. Sandglass~Kioku no Ryushi
3. Echo of Melty tale storage [red strings ver.]
4. Melty tale storage (off vocal)
5. Sandglass~Kioku no Ryushi (off vocal)

Heres the Original PV, Enjoy

Im guessing that video must be ripped from the radio version? Anyways another piece of news from 茅原実里 is that her fanclub will start operating from the 1st of April 2008. Heres the link to her fanclub. Though, I think only people living in Japan with proper Japan Add. is able to be a member. As they will send greeting cards, magazines etc to the add. There’s also a monthly fee once they start operating which every member must pay just for your info. As for the name of the fanclub, Minori smile seasons (Extracted from her blog). The reason why she chose that name? She mentioned *in the radio* that she likes to see the smile of people. Hence the name.


So Minorin’s fans, what are you waiting for?
quickly preoder her latest single at cdJapan!



3 Responses to “Chihara Minori’s 4th Single – Melty Tale Storage”

  1. 1 lanie-emon March 14, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Not bad. Kinda catchy, truth be told ^^.

  2. 3 Raine March 26, 2008 at 9:27 am

    I didn’t know she was coming out with a new album (: I really like her music, I think I have most of her singles. This one doesn’t really seem… extra special for some reason :/ So I dono if I want to get it. But thanks so much for sharing (:

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