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I definitely think that this girl is the
perfect cosplayer for Rikku!! HOT HOT!!

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7 parts of Japan!


Sakura Blossom is something you cannot miss in Japan.

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Schools in Japan

School eh? The beginning of a new life for a child. Whoever is reading this now surely have gone through school and some may graduate already. Well im gonna be in secondary five next year taking my O levels T_T HARDCORE STUDY! lol Anyways back to the main topic. Many of you must have known schools from the anime or drama you watch. Heres a little live version of schools!

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Japanese Capsule Hotels

Expensive Hotels?
Save $ for shopping in Japan?
Try Capsule Hotels!
Its cheap and convenient!

Whats a capsule hotel? Let wiki answer that for you.

A capsule hotel (カプセルホテル kapuseru hoteru) is a hotel system of extremely dense occupancy. Guest space is reduced in size to a modular plastic or fibre glass block roughly 2m by 1 m by 1.25 m, providing room to sleep, facilities range in entertainment offerings(most include a television, an electronic console, and wireless internet connection). These capsules are stacked side by side and two units top to bottom, with steps providing access to the second level rooms. Luggae is stored in a locker, usually somewhere outside of the hotel. Privacy is ensured by a curtain or a fibreglass door at the open end of the capsule. Wash rooms are communal and most hotels include restaurants, or at least vending machines, pools, and other entertainment facilities.

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Japan -Part 6

Firstly i wan to say that i have never been to japan before and im posting about japan most likely because im interested in that country and all information from the previous posts about japan are from internet and my own knowledge. So anyways. Cute room eh? hello kitty design room. Any1 can guess what im gonna talk about now? I don think any1 can guess it. Well actually the hello kitty room is one of the rooms from the love hotels in japan. Love hotels are not some normal hotels where you sleep in. I mean you do sleep in it but theres more things to do if you know what i mean.

For those who don wanna read about this post, you can always stop reading. I already warn you.


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Japan -Part 5

Vending Machines eh? OK as you all can see the 1st picture is a vending machine which sells lots of cigarettes. Very convenient eh? Plenty of choices for you and you can get them anywhere in a second. =D Well im gonna talk about vending machines in Japan today. Well in Japan, you can say every neighbourhood, there will surely be some vending machines near. You all must be thinking why am i talking about vending machines and its not like i never seen one. Actually i have a reason for talking about this topic. Im not saying that theres no vending machines in Brunei. There are some! But what? theres only vending machines that sells drinks and snack bars only!? And there arent much vending machine here either so you cant find them everywhere! =( Well the reason why im talking about this topic is because in Japan, Vending machines sell a lot more stuffs rather than snack bars or drinks. Hmmm Example! Check dis picture out.

They sell alcohol in a vending machine!!! T_T Aint that convenient, whenever you feel stress out or your party is out of beers. You just need to do a 5min walk to get yourself another supply! Hahaha thats just sweet. Plus they don sell alcohol only, they also do sell a wide variety of drinks which are sold in supermarkets. People there don have to worry about getting thirsty while they are outside. Well im not recommending BRUNEI to build some alcohol vending machines! I might get a free ticket to jail instead of getting myself a drink. All im saying is that you won get thirsty that easy in Japan. Ok heres a picture of other vending machines selling other drinks.

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Japan -Part 3

Ok. When we all go on a holiday trip to somewhere else, surely we gotta try the food there eh? I mean like its always the same food here so surely we gotta try the outside food. XD well Part 3 is about Japanese cuisine. JANE! i hope you enjoy reading this post =P. Whenever you heard the word “Japan” surely the 1st food that comes to your mind is sushi. People! there are actually more than meets the eye. WTF? i bet you all are thinking that im not the one who wrote this blog, actually i am. Anyways back to the topic. In Japan, there are a many different kinds of foods and restaurants. Pls to the people who goes there, don just keep eating sushi 24/7. You might get sick of it. =P. Ill start with basics Japanese meal. The Bento, Bento are Japanese boxed meals. Bento usually consist of steamed rice and side dishes. They are colorfully arranged in various containers. They are usually home made food brought out to eat. XD Heres a few picture of bentos.

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