The Year of Rat

This article was written on the 31st of January which was last thursday’s local newspaper “Borneo Bulletin”
Warning : There might be some unpleasant pictures

Actually i was supposed to post about it last thursday since it happened during that day but yea i was too busy since my friends sleepover at my house. Anyways my friend “Shawn” told me about the article that he read that day and it was about treating rats with kindness and respect. Why would we do that? Well chinese out there! im sure you all know why right? its because this year is the year of rat which was also the 1st animal to arrive at god’s place. I’ve forgotten about the story of the first 12 animals that reaches the god’s place. Anyone remember? XD

Anyways why am i talking about this? Well like i’ve said, Shawn told me about the article that he read in the morning. Apparently the article is somehow related to singapore. Its about treating rats as pets like dogs and cats. XD im lazy to write about the article so you guys can just click to enlarge to read it =P. Well the main thing i wanna tell you is that article appeared in the newspaper that morning AND..




This is what we did in the afternoon. What a poor rat eh? =S Why did you appear in our bio lab? If not you would not have to go through this. Well this is how it goes, there were news about rats appearing in the lab and basically we must catch it so that the rat won go biting this and that. I mean like a few days ago when my bio teacher show us the rat, it was showing its big eyes looking at us. Then the next 2 days, when we enter the bio lab. I see it lying dead on the board. =S We are not rat killers! We din kill it for fun! We did the dissection because it was related to biology. My condolences to Mr. Rat =(. How do i know its a MR.? because when they were gonna dissect it, it was hard for them because his “THING” was in the way AND yes, they cut it off. XD sorry Mr. Rat. Well it was an interesting experience as we get to see a mammal’s body system but after cutting it open, oh man the smell ><. There was only one rat so only a few people did the dissection and i wasnt one of them as im not really into the doctor courses, you know what i mean right? So yeah, to those animal lovers, i hope you all understand about our situation. We werent being evil, we’re just learning new things. Hope you all understand and yeap it was an interesting experience.

So any of you all experienced this before? How was it?


1 Response to “The Year of Rat”

  1. 1 Rokku February 4, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    i think i gonna vomit….
    I`m too full from eating dinner and now this

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