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Japan -Part 7

Ok! I wanna say that today my tag box is kinda crazy. Error all the time which i dono why and i ended up making another new tag box! T_T so yea i apologize to others for this incovenience! MUAHAHA Part 7 is here already! OK u guys know what is that thing inside the picture? Ill tell you guys what is it, its a newly high tech machine which you go in and you can do anything you wan, as in like you fantasize urself with britney spears and it will happen! you fantasize yourself eating instant mee, it will also happen! You fantasize anything and it will happen! ANYTHING! EVEN making love with someone and it will happen.. HAHAHAHAHAHA OK THATS TOTALLY BULLSHIT! WHOEVER BELIEVES IT. ROFLMAO! HAHA =P So anyways it aint no fantasizing machine, its rather a playing machine. Its a gundam pod in Japan, which is freaking coool. You get inside of it just like the pilots in the anime and you freaking control your gundam inside! of cuz its just a game but you are actually inside a pod playing. Fantasy world~

Freaking cool eh? Heres the picture of inside the pod. T_T! I WANNA PLAY! LET IT BE $5 FOR A ROUND I DON CARE! T_T so cool… Well basically you all can tell im gonna talk about arcades in Japan. I know theres a few in Brunei but theres like thousands there? o.0 Can you imagine that? XD You all should know what is an arcade. Its a place full of stimulation machines which you pay to play. Well obviously its totally wasting your money but some games are worth to play. Although i always play in the arcade though. HEHEHE =P So anyways this time theres no definition from Wiki since theres nothing to be explain. You put in the $ and you play. Thats all. ahaha =P

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Ouran High School Host Club

I just finished episode 26 last night which is the last episode. Oh man, i never regret watching that anime man. How i wish theres more than 26 episodes. T_T! I enjoyed every single episode, i gotta say its better than the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya ><. Just being honest, its really really a good anime ranking 24 out of 8000+ anime titles. Every single episode either make me laff non stop, make me feel touched or move me to tears. T_T Its really really really really good. The story line, music ,comedy and everything else. 10/10 for me. !! HARUHI IS TOO CUTE! T_T. Well im just blogging about my thoughts about this anime. Anime fans or NOT anime fans out there, you gotta try watching this anime. T_T really really damn lmao. 10/10!! Heres the summary from ANN.

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Japan -Part 6

Firstly i wan to say that i have never been to japan before and im posting about japan most likely because im interested in that country and all information from the previous posts about japan are from internet and my own knowledge. So anyways. Cute room eh? hello kitty design room. Any1 can guess what im gonna talk about now? I don think any1 can guess it. Well actually the hello kitty room is one of the rooms from the love hotels in japan. Love hotels are not some normal hotels where you sleep in. I mean you do sleep in it but theres more things to do if you know what i mean.

For those who don wanna read about this post, you can always stop reading. I already warn you.


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Japan -Part 5

Vending Machines eh? OK as you all can see the 1st picture is a vending machine which sells lots of cigarettes. Very convenient eh? Plenty of choices for you and you can get them anywhere in a second. =D Well im gonna talk about vending machines in Japan today. Well in Japan, you can say every neighbourhood, there will surely be some vending machines near. You all must be thinking why am i talking about vending machines and its not like i never seen one. Actually i have a reason for talking about this topic. Im not saying that theres no vending machines in Brunei. There are some! But what? theres only vending machines that sells drinks and snack bars only!? And there arent much vending machine here either so you cant find them everywhere! =( Well the reason why im talking about this topic is because in Japan, Vending machines sell a lot more stuffs rather than snack bars or drinks. Hmmm Example! Check dis picture out.

They sell alcohol in a vending machine!!! T_T Aint that convenient, whenever you feel stress out or your party is out of beers. You just need to do a 5min walk to get yourself another supply! Hahaha thats just sweet. Plus they don sell alcohol only, they also do sell a wide variety of drinks which are sold in supermarkets. People there don have to worry about getting thirsty while they are outside. Well im not recommending BRUNEI to build some alcohol vending machines! I might get a free ticket to jail instead of getting myself a drink. All im saying is that you won get thirsty that easy in Japan. Ok heres a picture of other vending machines selling other drinks.

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Disney USB flash disk drive

Taken from the Press Release
As long as you have the A-DATA Theme Series T703 Mickey Flash Drive, you own a flash drive that is both cute and trendy. Mickey Mouse’s small ears contain secrets that cannot be revealed and its body contains a mirror so that you can check your appearance whenever you want. This is a creative design that will satisfy your desire to be on the top of the trend.

The super light and handy Mickey flash drive only weights 15g, and has a gorgeous Mickey hanging ornament. You can either wear it or use it to decorate your cellular phone or bag. No matter how you use it, you will always attract people’s attention. The T703, authorized by Disney, not only provides you with a classic Mickey Mouse image, but also presents a creative design for the flash drive. After removing Mickey’s ear, you can easily save your files to the flash drive. In addition to being a useful office tool, its unique mirror design can help you check your appearance anytime your want. It can also be used as a mini photo frame. Let Mickey Mouse’s lovely smile accompany you around the marvelous digital world!

Three dazzling color options are available. With its gorgeous and simple Mickey Mouse shape, the A-DATA Theme Series T703 Mickey Flash Drive is perfectly fulfilling your desire to keep Mickey Mouse with you all the time.

I read about this article at akihabara news just recently. ADATA have release this new modern pendrive. It can support up to 8GB and your T703 memory card allows you to put a picture in the middle and lets you store you data in your right ear. It can even be use as a mirror to check your appearance? cool.. with this, you own both a cute and portable pendrive or mirror And yea, its cute. lol i would like one for myself.

Japan -Part 4

Ok. now its part 4 of japan. GAH! I LOVE JAPAN. XD Hope you guys enjoyed the first 3 parts. Well now im gonna talk about Housing in Japan. Here we go. Basically most people in the world now either live in apartments or houses and me myself is living in a double storey house. lol im sure that everyone in Japan have a basic manner before entering any house. From what i have read, when entering a Japanese house, you should take off your shoes at the entrance(genkan) and change into slippers which are usually provided by the host. 24/7 Clean eh? XD anyways heres a definition of Housing in japan by Wiki. Housing in Japan includes modern and traditional styles. Two patterns of residences are predominant in contemporary Japan: the single-family detached house and the multiple-unit building, either owned by an individual or corporation and rented as apartments to tenants, or owned by occupants as condominiums. A few pictures of the houses there.

A 2 storey apartment usually own by a landlord by renting the rooms to public.Inside.
Typical Japanese house in the suburds.

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SAS funfair.

AH! sorry about japan part 4. today was my school’s funfair so yea. Ill post japan -part4 soon enough! sorry sorry =D. ahaha ok thats the only picture taken in the funfair. hahaha obviously you all can tell that we all are in a bouncer. XD Zhen is sleeping, im =D and shen is looking at girls. hehehe. so yea today was SAS funfair. Since this year is open to public and i heard that they are having it inside and outside so i expect it to be big and crowded. lol But it aint big as i expected. The hall cant be use! T_T so yea. Many people but small area. Around 10 stalls? i think. And Gelato and KFC were there!?? wtf? T_T i guess no business for the other food shops eh =/. Well the games were quite a lot. DDR, Halo 4, football and other else. XD. and i hate sophia! cuz she force me to buy keropok! =( ahahaha jkjk. Well i hope next years funfair will be good. =S Anyways happy holidays to all =). Oh right one last thing about today which is that i kept asking whoever is going anywhere for holiday to help me get these stuffs! T_T i hope you guys won mind but im really dying for these stuffs! =/ and these are the stuffs. so any1 out there who are going overseas and won mind helping me to get these stuffs. Tag me or MSN me? =/ PLS~ T_T

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