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Random Funny Pictures


Trust me, you will laugh your eyeballs out.

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Break Dance by a Baby!


I know its hard to believe but you gotta believe it after watching this video. XD

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How Important You Make Others Feel

Valentine’s Day is near, Whats your plan? =)

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Truth of Studying.. Its all a Lie

Once again, i’m sorry for the lack of posts and my friend “Jarrod” came up with the title of the post want! Not me ah! but i did asked him to think about a title for this post so im kinda involve too =P. As the end of the month is getting nearer, school is almost 1 month already and i realised that i only got time to posts stuffs only on weekends. Sad right? oh well, what to do? Anyways my friend Jarrod told me about this LMAO math joke today and he said it was from my other friend “Shu Yee”. Oh well the credits goes to both of them. People who are reading my blog, im sure you all do know how to do maths right? so im sure you all know how to solve this math question. Don blame me, somehow i just prefer maths than other subjects. Don worry it aint hard, you all know how to find the common factor of an equation right? Try this question =)


LOL pretty cool eh?
Like what my friend “Jarrod” said, “The world must know the truth”.
Hahaha so students! show this to your math teacher. Apparently we haven’t
show this to our maths teacher cause we know she will skin us alive.
Wish you all luck. =D

MC King, goodbye =(

Yes, i mean goodbye…. From what i’ve read, 2 days ago MC King has just passed away. My deepest condolences to MC King. May you rest in peace. MC King is one great singapore actor. Not just a normal movie actor but yet a comedian actor. Not only me but many singaporeans were shocked by this sudden news. This afternoon my dad told me about the incident in the car. He said that MC King was only 40 years old! I asked my dad how did it happen. He said that MC king just passed away suddenly, no medical problems. He was a healthy 40 year old and yet it happen! He also had a blog but from now onwards its gonna be filled with memories of him. Im proud to be a singaporean! He will always be a great actor and a great singaporean!

His Blog

He was the fake police in “I not Stupid 2”

The shoes shop seller in “Home Run”

Once again, my deepest condolences to MC King. You were a great man!

From ☆.Daily Life.☆ to Rhapsody SoS

Yes! as you all can see, a new blog name, a new banner
with the help of Rokku, a new theme and lastly a new avatar
for me! hahaha a brand new start eh?
And the reason i change the name is because
i gotta admit that the previous name was lame.
How in the world did i thought of that name!
Then i decided to might as well
change everything =P For those who have link me,
hope you all won mind changing my blog title from
☆.Daily Life.☆ to Rhapsody SoS.
Thanks ^^ and lastly i would also like to thank
to those who help me by giving opinions
about the changes in this blog today. Sol, Rokku and Lustrous Realm.
Kekeke Thankyou very much!



The True face of disney or this is what happens when you make pluto piss off. =P I know this video is mean but its hilarious. XD The 1 minute 11 seconds video explains the whole thing. He really hates that kid till he almost kick his ass at 0:01.




Brings back memories eh? Hakuna Matata~ what a wonderful day~ lol XD ahaha its nice to listen to it once in a while. You guys can check out the other languages of this song such as german, spanish and french in youtube and the other languages are pretty good. Just type in Hakuna Matata and search.

Sekai wo

Ooini moriagerutame no

Suzumiya Haruhi no dan

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